Where Have You Been?


I’ve answered the same question to dozens of people over the last couple months. The question? “Where have you been?” Fair question. My consistency on social media and blogging has taken quite the dip. Here’s why:

Baby On December 26th, my wife and I welcomed Ethan Andrew into the world. These last 5 months have been a blur, full of incredible memories. We’ve been soaking up every moment we can with this chunky joy of ours.
New Role at West Ridge

Following Easter 2014, after 4 years as Communications Director, I stepped into the role of leading our Creative Arts team at West Ridge Church. It’s been an amazing and hectic year. We’ve completely reworked the structure of the team and have made 8 new hires. I’ll be sharing more about what this transition has looked like and some things we’re learning in the process, but I can

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