We All Make Mistakes: The Sign Pointing Two Different Ways


In celebration of our newest book, You’ve Got This: A Pep Talk for Church Communicators by Kelley Hartnett, we’ve been talking about mistakes. Kelley shares one of her mistakes in the book, and rather than being ashamed, our failures are an opportunity to improve.

We asked for your best mistake stories, and we got some whoppers. The five best stories won a copy of Kelley’s book, and we’re going to share those winners.

The Sign Pointing Two Different Ways

Here’s one of our winners:

I was making directional signs for our new church plant that meets in a school. It’s located back in a neighborhood, so we needed signs to point from the main road. The signs came, but one side pointed east while the other pointed west. Whoops! My pastor got creative and cut some apart and glued the arrow on upside down until I could order new ones.

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