How to Write a Shareable Sermon: 5 Tips to Greater Impact


Every Sunday in churches around the world pastors are preaching sermons. They’re sharing the gospel with congregations, giving the church the Word of God. But does the sermon ever go beyond the walls of the church? If you really want your sermon to have an impact, it needs to be something people can share.

If a sermon isn’t being shared and spread beyond the people in the room, then it’s just a really expensive lecture.

A good sermon should have an impact on people. It should stick in their minds and make them think. They should want to talk about it, and ultimately, they should want to share it.

Proper sermon preparation is covered in seminary, but that’s often a theological and academic endeavor. Here in the real world, sermons need a more practical element to spread and have an impact.

If people hear a sermon but can’t remember anything

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