Don’t Be Frazzled in the Fall: Take Care of Yourself Now


Fall may seem like a long way off, but your plans for fall are likely underway. That’s the topic for our Courageous Storytellers membership site this month—fall kickoff—so in addition to a host of resources for our members, we’re also talking to church communicators to see how they handle fall.

How are you taking care of yourself now (or in the next few months) so you won’t be frazzled in the fall?

We asked seven church communicators how they’re taking care of themselves as they approach the fall kickoff season. Here’s what they said:

Work Hard, Play Hard

Sandy Hughes, pastor of communications at Central Peninsula Church in Foster City, Calif.:

Because we push pretty hard through most of the year, we like to play hard come summer. We have learned that the summer months for our team is the best time to be away and requiring everyone’s information in

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