Church Communication Hero: Juana Inés De La Cruz


“I don’t study to know more, but to ignore less.” -Juana Inés De La Cruz (1651-1695)

This may be the strangest opening sentence I’ve ever written, but here it is: I kinda wish I were a nun.

Now, I have to admit I don’t know any nuns personally, having attended public schools and decidedly Protestant churches my whole life. But every time I encounter a nun’s story, I’m astounded by their devotion to Jesus and their no-nonsense approach to living out the gospel.

Mother Teresa’s an obvious example, but there are many others:

Sister Mary Rose McGeady, who advocated for homeless youth. Sister Simone Campbell and the “Nuns on the Bus,” who travel the country holding rallies for social justice. Talitha Kum, a group of nuns who pose as prostitutes to rescue children from the sex trade.

C’mon. There’s just nothing “lukewarm” about nuns’ faith. I wish I were

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