An Uncomfortable Strategy for Communication and Life


I don’t know about you, but working and serving for so many years in so many different church and ministry spheres can play tricks on my mind and heart.

Am I doing what I do because I still love doing it? Do I love the people I am serving and serving with? Do I know or remember what it’s like to be an outsider? Working behind the scenes so much, how long has it been since I have witnessed true transformation in someone’s life? Am I seeing too many insiders transform from followers of Jesus to fall away-ers of Jesus? As Alan Briggs has questioned, has my “passion dissipated into skepticism [and given] birth to cynicism? Or as Larry Osborne suggests in his book Lead Like A Shepherd, am I functioning more like a hired hand (a career) or a care-filled sheep herder (a calling)?

Don’t Get Too Comfortable


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