Uncomplicate Your Communications Strategy


The single greatest threat to effective communications is our inability to identify and prioritize who we’re communicating with. However, in spite of this well-known truth, an easy solution sometimes feels out of reach. Shortcomings cost us valuable opportunities to grow our relationships with key donors, physicians, and other highly-prized stakeholders who can transform healthcare.

This brings us to perhaps the second greatest threat to communications — the belief that a communication strategy is complicated. When things are complicated, we simply won’t ever get to them. As I see it, we have two options: we can continue to operate by the seat-of-our-pants, or we can learn to develop an uncomplicated communication strategy.

Unscramble the Mess

Imagine you’re putting together a thousand-piece puzzle. Now imagine how much more difficult that would be if I dumped in another thousand puzzle pieces that didn’t belong. You’d probably get frustrated and quit. The point I’m

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