6 Steps to a SMART New Year

Like millions of others, my family and I decided that 2019 will be a healthier year. We want to eat healthier and get more exercise. We’ve tried it before, but then February rolls around and we start to lose our commitment and energy. Looking over the last few years, I’ve realized what’s missing from our plan: setting ourselves up for success. Yes, we buy healthier foods and join the gym—again. However, we haven’t used milestones along the way.

This year, we’re setting ourselves up for success with a monthly goal. For example, January’s goal is cutting out processed foods. February’s goal is giving up simple carbs. March’s goal is eliminating wheat. By planning a goal for each month and healthy activities for each week, we are much more likely to succeed.

Have you set yourself up for a successful new year with your personal goals? What about goals that impact

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