Social Media for Churches: Best Practices for Instagram


This is part of our series on Social Media for Churches. If you haven’t already, go back and check out the previous posts on best practices for Facebook and Twitter.

Can Instagram’s visual-heavy platform really be useful for a place of worship? Absolutely! The 18-29 age bracket uses this platform at an incredibly high rate (59%), and even the 30-49 cohort are on there (33%). That means a whole lot of people in your congregation may be using Instagram.

How can you reach them effectively? Well, here we’ll show you how to use it the way they do! Let’s walk you through these five easy-to-implement best practices.

1. Get Started on the Right Foot

Filling out the basics of your account properly is a big deal. Start by creating a unique and memorable username. If you want people to find your account, make sure your username is easy to remember and specific

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