6 Surprising Ways Smartphones Have Revolutionized Worship


Smartphones have revolutionized the way we go about our daily lives. It would be hard to argue that any area of life remains untouched by the handheld personal computer in your pocket. In fact, here are six surprising ways smartphones have even changed the way we worship.

1. We have the Bible at our fingertips.

Actually, it’s more than just the Bible. We actually have every translation of the Bible in the palms of our hands — at all times!

Want to cross-reference the verse your pastor is reading? Want to enjoy a little Greek with that exposition? No problem.

2. We always have our favorite worship music on standby.

Feeling down at work? Wishing you could enjoy a spiritual pick-me-up during your 15-minute break? Pop on a pair of headphones and you can!

Thanks to the smartphone, worship music is more readily accessible than ever before. (Just be

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