Want Action? Tell Positive Visual Stories


Child under the rain in Mali by Riccardo Mayer

Some methods of storytelling are more fruitful than others. And non-profits rely heavily on being able to tell their story really well.


For instance, studies into online donor activity reveal that video is currently the hot ticket to accessing hearts and minds: with a 64% higher response rate to ‘Calls To Action’ after watching, as opposed to other formats.


A tweet with an image will get around 150% more retweets than one without – imagery is one of the strongest means of storytelling in our world today.[1]


And prospective donors tell us this is true – 91% of audiences prefer visual or interactive messaging.[2]

Visuals provoke emotion and reaction in different ways to words. They capture moments that some words cannot. They have been used to tell some of the hardest stories in history, and illustrate horrors and atrocities

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