How to Stay on Your Members’ Minds During Summer Vacation


Summertime is the season of relaxation, days at the pool, and family vacations. What’s not to love? But summer can be a challenge for churches and for church staff. All the things that make summer great tend to have a negative impact on church attendance — and when attendance drops, church giving often drops right along with it.

The challenge for church leaders, then, is staying present in the minds of their members, even when those parishioners aren’t present. The good news: technology offers many ways to do just that, with avenues of influence that previous generations of church leaders didn’t have available to them.

Implement Mobile Giving (and Promote It Constantly)

If summer offerings are typically low at your church, point your congregation toward mobile giving as the solution. Open up this important avenue for giving right away so that members can give from wherever they are — even Hawaii! About

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