5 Metrics Fundraisers Need to Know to Retain Their Donors


Donor retention is undeniably critical to meet your nonprofit’s revenue goals, but it can be tough to know which efforts result in higher retention levels or upward movement of donors.

That’s why we put together a list of the five essential metrics you need to know, as a fundraiser, to achieve higher retention rates. Tracking these metrics will help you keep a pulse on the current engagement of your donors so you know which efforts are working and which ones need to be increased or modified.

The 5 retention metrics fundraisers should know are:

Donor Attrition Rate Donor Level Moves New vs. Recurring Donors Frequency of Engagement Portfolio Status Donor Attrition Rate

What it is:

The percentage of donors who did not return within a particular giving level or donor category.

Why it’s important:

Different levels of giving levels and donor categories receive different

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