4 Types of Church Givers (and How to Keep Them All Happy)


When it comes to church giving, members who contribute come in different forms. Each type has a different mindset and approach to giving, and it’s important that the church consider their wants and needs. Let’s look at how you can mold the most common church giving personas into a congregation full of cheerful givers.

Type #1: Faithful, Regular Givers

Is your ministry is blessed with members who really prioritize giving? This type of contributor comes each week prepared to give, and it’s rare for them to miss a service. Even if you never once mention church giving from the pulpit, they will always be consistent.

How to Keep Them Happy

Some in this group may cling to more traditional cash or check donations, but even these members now embrace modern technology. One way this technology, such as the Givelify® mobile giving platform, can make them even more cheerful givers

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