4 Reasons Why Your Church Should Be Using G Suite From Google


G Suite is a productivity, collaboration, and communication suite of applications from Google. If your church isn’t using G Suite, let’s consider these four reasons that your church should be using G Suite.

1. Branded Email

The number one used application in G Suite is email. With G Suite you can use a domain-based email address that shows your relationship to your church (pastorjay@mychurchname.com). G Suite works and functions exactly like Gmail, which most people are already familiar with. With G Suite you can use those same features, but with your branded email address.

Gives Trust

One reason you want to use branded email over a standard Gmail, Yahoo!, or other email address is that a branded email address gives trust. It shows the receiver of your email that you are connected to the church your email claims to be connected with.

Looks Professional

A second reason to use a

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