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Church Website Templates

Church Website Templates

We at Frankly Faith know how vital time-saving tools are to your church and life overall. Using a church website builder can be a great way to get a professional looking website that will attract visitors and make your members want to share. However, without the right tools and strategy involved, it could be a waste of money and your time.

Using built-in church website church website templates can be a game changer for your online presence. However, it can also quickly become overwhelming to look at all the templates and features available and know which one to choose. Here are some considerations to think about and elements to include when customizing your website and template.

Include a Call to Action

The first thing to include within your site and on every page is not something that any of the church website templates you’re looking at is going to have built in. A strong call to action is necessary for any marketing strategy, and your website is a big part of that.

Think hard about what you want visitors to your website to do. Do you have a white paper you want them to download? Is there a video to watch? Or do you want them to visit your church next week? Include a strong call to action and compelling content that will make them want to do it.

Test It on a Mobile Device

Just a few years ago, most internet users were looking at everything on their computer. Over the years, smartphones have exploded, and now the majority of website traffic is viewed on a smartphone or tablet. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re going to be losing a lot of traffic unnecessarily.

This has severe implications for your website design. When shopping for church website templates, test them out and preview them on a few different devices if you can. Check them out and see how easily read they are on your tablet, smartphone, and computer. This will give you an idea of the different ways your website looks to different users.

Have a Budget in Mind

You can probably get a free website and put it online and watch the occasional unique visitor trickle in. However, for a website to be beneficial, you should plan to invest a little money into it at least. Good web design doesn’t often come free, and you shouldn’t even expect it to be little cost.

For something as important as the design of your website, the face of your church online, you should reasonably expect to pay what it’s worth. However, knowing this, be sure to set a transparent budget before you commit to a builder and a template that you can’t afford to sustain long-term.

Having a website with a good template is of paramount importance to you and your congregation. Your marketing strategy will be wholly ineffective if the people you’re directing to your website don’t like what they see. With the right church website templates and the best content placed on it, your website visitors are much more likely actually to make it to church on Sunday.

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Church Website Templates Church Website Templates