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Church Marketing

Church Marketing

Hiring a church marketing company is perhaps the best way to strategize your marketing, but if you have a congregation full of parishioners who love the church, then you have some built-in marketing right there. The people in your church family can be some of the most significant marketing resources you have.

Did you know that according to one study, 82% of marketers use word of mouth to increase brand awareness? In addition to professional church marketing, take some time and help those members of your congregation in their marketing efforts as well to reach those that traditional marketing won’t. Here are some quick and easy ideas to get you started.

Encourage Them to Make Friends

If you’re already teaching your congregation about evangelism and getting them excited about it, then the rest is easy. After all, some of the greatest lessons that Jesus taught were to his disciples, his friends. When your congregation is excited about evangelism, they will become better recruiters with their friends. As they make friends, they’ll spread the good word.

Make Yourself Easier to Be Found

Even if your congregation is going out and shouting from the rooftops all the good things about your church, you’re not going to get any newcomers if they can’t find you. Advertise and put your church’s information everywhere you can think of. There are many free and paid advertising sources out there, and you never can tell exactly how someone will find you.

Incentivize Your Members

The members of your church will get even more excited about sharing the good news about your church with their friends if there’s something in it for them. That’s human nature. Give your members a free item such as a shirt, sermons on CD, or books on gospel topics to your members. Make sure to include two of whatever you give so they can share one with a friend.

Incentivize New Members

It’s one thing to advertise your church as being welcoming to all and encourage visitors. It’s entirely another to incentivize them for being there. How do you think people would feel if they came to your church for the first time and were greeted at the door with a visitor’s bag?

The visitor's bag could contain church marketing materials and some gift, such as a gift card to a local restaurant, sermons on CD, or a gospel-related book. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to make visitors and new members feel welcome and wanted there.

Show Off Your Church Members

Make your marketing materials something that your members will want to show off. Create short videos featuring your church members so they’ll want to share them. Put your members’ work, such as writing and art, in your marketing materials. As they show off to their friends and family, it will be a natural segue into talking about the church.

The majority of marketing executives believe that word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods there is. Sometimes the best church marketing tools you have been sitting in the pews every Sabbath day. For the most effective marketing, encourage your congregation to be marketers in their daily lives while you let your professional marketing team do their job too.

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