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To connect with people in today’s digital culture it’s critical for them to be aware of you, easily find you, engage with you and relate to you. Our free digital outreach assessment will help you do just that by examining your church’s online presence across key areas.

  • Social Media allows you to share announcements, updates, and insightful teachings interacting with those from inside your church and beyond the walls.
  • Online Presence is appearing in more places across the web with accurate information to ensure your church gets found by those beyond the walls.
  • Your website is the foundation of your digital presence creating a more engaging church community that lives beyond the walls.
  • Email is a powerful way to spread the message, mission and outreach events of your church to members and spiritual seekers beyond the walls.

After the assessment, we’ll review the findings with you and share recommendations for expanding your reach in today’s digital world. Simply complete and submit the form for your free digital outreach assessment today.

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“The Frankly Faith team is great to work with! They have really helped us with our online digital communications and they do it with a servant minded heart! We couldn’t be happier with our partnership.”  Russ Tyler, Senior Pastor First Southern Baptist Church – firstsbc.com