How Can Lighting Enhance the Worship Experience?


Worship brings heaven to earth; it gives opportunity for us to really engage with God, to spend time alone in his presence, or to come alongside others and experience glimpses of an eternity in praise. Whichever way you worship, the environment you are in can affect how you connect with God. It can truly enhance your experience, or it can hinder—distract even—the way you meet with him.

Being an Anglican church in suburban U.K., we are blessed to have a big, traditional building that is typical of what most would expect of a church building. We have the bell tower, the stone architecture, the pipe organ, the detailed woodwork, and chancel and alter. But, as beautiful as the building is, and as much as God’s spirit moved and worked among us there, the building also restricted what we wanted to do.

Our vision is to be a growing church—to

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