Daylight Saving: Tips & Tweets to Be On-Time


Daylight Saving Time is so weird. The clocks “fall back” an hour and everybody gets confused. If people forget, they’ll show up to your Sunday morning worship service an hour early. Awkward. So we’ve got some tips and social media posts that can help you remind your congregation.

Download our free Daylight Saving Tips & Tweets resource that explores why it’s necessary, how to communicate with your congregation, and shares some ready-made social media posts.

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Who Cares If They’re Early?

Some folks have shrugged off the fall reminder by saying it’s not a bad thing if once a year people show up for church early.

That’s a pretty funny joke. We can all appreciate that some church services have a constant stream of people showing up after things have started.

But in practice, not caring if people show up an hour early (or 45

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