Communicating Effectively with Your Audience

The human brain is more active during sleep than when watching television. Think about that for a minute. Your brain has more activity while you’re unconscious than when you’re catching the latest episode of Honey Boo-Boo.

Why is this? The answer is simple: imagination. When the brain watches television (or, more precisely, when your eyes inform your brain that you’re watching television), your imagination doesn’t have to do any work. Everything is played out visually, nice and neat, right in front of you. The producers, directors, and actors tell your brain what to think. You have no active role. You are, quite literally, a couch potato.

Contrast this with reading a book. When you read, your imagination has to fill in the details. What does District 13 look like? Just how big is JAWS? How deep does the rabbit hole go? Your imagination gets to run amok, fantasizing about every

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