2019 Events for Church Communicators


Church communication is tough. The job demands a lot, and too often you’re trying to discover best practices on your own. Sometimes the best thing you can do is connect with folks like you at a church communication event.

These events can be a powerful shot in the arm:

Learn best practices. Be inspired. Find your people.

Sometimes you just need to rethink communication, and that happens best when you can bounce ideas off someone who’s been in the trenches. So consider attending a church communication event this year and get to know some fellow strugglers, take your skills up a notch, and be reenergized.

2019 Church Communication Events Jan. 21 – Church Comm Summit – online Feb. 20-21 – Creative Church Conference – Dallas March 4-7 – Exponential Conference – Orlando, Fla. April 2-3 – Exponential Regional – Boise, Idaho April 4-5 – Catalyst West

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