10 Reason Every Pastor Should be on Social Media

10.) It builds relationships with your church community.

Want to know the fastest way to make the day of someone in your church? Wish them “happy birthday!” on Facebook. Heck, Facebook even notifies you when it’s someone’s big day. It could not be easier. It may not seem like much to you, but a note from the pastor goes a long way for the people in your church.

9.) It builds relationships with those OUTSIDE your church community.

Out of this whole list, this one might be my favorite. When I was on staff at my church, we kept the giant blinds open in our sanctuary on Sunday morning. Why? So people from the outside could see in. No mystery. No shroud of secrecy. Wide open for all to see.

Social media works the same way. When you’re active on social as a pastor, it allows people who don’t go

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