Prepare Your Church Giving for the End of Summer Rush

Fall is on its way, which means vacation season is drawing to an end and church members who have been away will be back in regular attendance soon. If your place of worship has experienced the traditional summer giving slump, here are four ways to prepare your church giving for when your members return home. … Read more

How to Stay on Your Members’ Minds During Summer Vacation

Summertime is the season of relaxation, days at the pool, and family vacations. What’s not to love? But summer can be a challenge for churches and for church staff. All the things that make summer great tend to have a negative impact on church attendance — and when attendance drops, church giving often drops right … Read more

4 Essentials for a Dynamic Nonprofit Website

Nonprofit websites are a dime a dozen. Dynamic nonprofit websites that truly reach their specific target audience, result in tangible and consistent action, and boost online donations? Those are harder to find and even harder to forget. Here are four essentials for building a dynamic website for your charitable organization. 1. Provide opportunities for mobile and online … Read more

4 Types of Church Givers (and How to Keep Them All Happy)

When it comes to church giving, members who contribute come in different forms. Each type has a different mindset and approach to giving, and it’s important that the church consider their wants and needs. Let’s look at how you can mold the most common church giving personas into a congregation full of cheerful givers. Type … Read more