Make Your Church Finance Team’s Job Easier

Being a part of a church finance team is an important responsibility, but it’s not without its headaches. For people who aren’t natural bean counters, some of the necessary work that finance personnel must undertake can be a bit boring and monotonous on the one hand, and difficult and unpredictable on the other. It’s a … Read more

5 Reasons People Hate Going to Church

Many people who attend church love doing so. They love the community, the fellowship, the preaching, the opportunities for their children, and so on. However, some people, if they’re honest… well, they don’t love it so much. Their church attendance is getting more and more inconsistent, and they don’t seem all that connected anymore. If some were … Read more

Bold Predictions for Church Giving in 2018

The future of church giving might seem uncertain. Churches are seeing a decline in attendance, and younger generations don’t often align with particular denominations. Plus, in the past ten years, overall donations made to religious organizations have decreased. However, recent studies show a more promising future. In The Philanthropy Outlook, researchers at Indiana University predict that charitable giving will … Read more